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I believe in health first and want to help you develop a foundation of strength and wellness that will allow you to move better which is so important at any age and fitness level. This is not a one size fits all program, it is designed specifically for you! All of my clients will experience the motivation, focus, inspiration and education provided in my programs where I combine corrective exercise, strength, core, balance, strength, metabolic increasing weight loss movements, cardiovascular endurance and healthy eating coaching. An individually tailored plan just for your personal goals and lifestyle will be developed and the education along with the training will last the rest of your life. Each client will receive an individual consultation, and goal setting session and all clients will be given options to fit their budget and a recommendation given for what will be best for them to see performance and lifestyle results.

Jeff Spurgeon

-John Inskeep


I started out with a trainer, and ended up with a 


Jeff Spurgeon


All programs are individually tailored to each client and are designed to be private or semi-private (2-4 people per session). Sessions are 30-60 minutes in length depending upon your goals, fitness level and budget. Month to month plans, 2-6 month plans, 1-4 sessions a week, discounts available on 3 month packages and budget friendly programs/ options available. 

Jeff Spurgeon


Focus on strength in all the small muscles, addressing all movement issues to improve full body performance of the hips, knees, back, neck and any chronic issues making it hard to move. Restore movement and balance so you can go back to participating in the activities and interests you enjoy!

Jeff Spurgeon


Separate groups of men and women focusing on all aspects of fitness: strength, cardiovascular, mobility, balance, weight loss, and relief of chronic pain. All fitness levels are welcome– you will love the results!

Jeff Spurgeon


Golfers who want to improve all aspects of their game and take it to the next level will see and feel the results with my specialized golf programs. We will specifically focus on the body and how it moves through the golf swing and you will see improvements in your range of motion, hip mobility, spinal rotation, flexibility and overall wellness and fitness. I have worked with hundreds of golfers, from pros to high handicappers, PGA teachers and many Country Clubs over the last 25 years. Let's connect and we can discuss how I can help!

Jeff Spurgeon


Calling all outdoor enthusiasts who have a goal and want to get ready for any and all outdoor activities. If you're a hiker, hunter, fisherman, biker, skier and want to get ready for the season, then this is for you! We will do full body conditioning and strengthening addressing your specific goals.

Jeff Spurgeon


I will create a sports specific program for all ages, all skill sets and all sports focusing on speed, strength, explosive movement and injury prevention! I have worked with athletes of all levels (from student to pro) and would love to help you maximize your potential.

Jeff Spurgeon


Continue your wellness whether in the gym, home, work, traveling, vacation, and at a time that is most convenient for your schedule. I will provide a great workout without the stress of traveling to and from the gym. You will see incredible results and benefit greatly from the consistency of the effective and personalized sessions! I offer both 45 and 60 minute virtual sessions to my clients!

Jeff Spurgeon


If you feel most comfortable training at home then this may be the best way to begin your fitness and wellness journey! There is NO need to have equipment because I can bring the gym to you!! Or maybe you have a nice home gym setup but are not using it to its fullest? I can develop a personalized program for you and come to your home to guide and instruct you so that you can successfully start improving your health! Let's get started today!

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